Siteground SSL Certicates: Are they Free or Not? Yes but Read this first!

Are Siteground SSL Certificates for customers or not?

Yes! And here is why. May you know already that Google mentioned recently how important having SSL certificates are for websites. For websites that don’t have the https:// Google will warn visitors that websites are not secure in search results. This will deter many potential visitors and customers from clicking on your website if they see this alert. However, getting Siteground SSL certificates fixes this problem and that’s part of the reason why they are the best shared hosting provider!

Also, it was mentioned by the official Google blog how this can and will have search engine rankings. So you can see why it’s so important for you to start your new website with the best web hosting service! Siteground understands how important this change is and how it affects you.

Why I Tried Siteground SSL Certificates

This is why I use Siteground for They not offer very affordable shared hosting plans starting a $3.95/month with great customer support, but their uptime is 99.99%.

The previous hosting company that I used before didn’t offer them so I decided to switch to Siteground shared hosting being they offered free ssl certificates.

They great thing about the Siteground SSL certificates is that they are not only free, but they will even install it for you on account setup.

In my opinion, this is a good selling point for all bloggers and entrepreneurs. Why? For starters, because you don’t have be to techie or web developer with coding experience. Siteground makes it super easy with a 1 click install inside your cPanel.

To start creating your new website today and receive free Siteground SSL certificates, visit here:


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