Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It? Why You Never Buy It From Bluehost!

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It? Why You Never Buy It From Bluehost!

So I have been building little websites like this one for a long time. But one of the questions that always comes up is domain privacy. Maybe you want to create a Bluehost website, but wondering is Bluehost domain privacy protection worth it or not?

BluehosDomain Privacy Protection

If you have Bluehost web hosting or thinking about using their hosting, then this is something that you MUST decide at checkout! So what should do? Should you buy the Bluehost domain privacy for all of your domains or is it just a waste of your money? Keep reading to discover what you should BEFORE getting started with Bluehost!

What Is Domain Privacy Protection? 

You may not know or understand exactly what is Domain Privacy and how it will truly benefit you. I didn’t either as a beginner, but now I do!

Let me explain to you what it is and how it has helped me a lot. By this you will know is Bluehost domain privacy worth it or not.

Domain Privacy Protection is a way to privatize your personal info online such as: name, address, email and domain info, name of your firstborn, blood type, etc lol. Typically on the whois directory, this information is readily visible and made available to the public eye. The whois directory is like the whitepages for websites if this makes sense.

Many have realized that by not buying domain privacy protection that it has led to tons of unsolicited sales calls and others. When you don’t purchase it for your domain name, then you will get tons of spam related emails from people everywhere offering things that you don’t need.

Most of these spam emails are people coming from so-called “SEO experts” or “web designers” that want to help you build or create your website. I have seen in the past that most if not all of the emails don’t have contact numbers. Yes, in addition to the countless and endless unsolicited phones calls that you will receive all hours of the day, it will leave you super frustrated and irritated.

So now that you understand what is domain privacy protection and the benefits of buying it, let’s now talk about is Bluehost domain privacy worth it or not when you creating your website today.

How Much Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection? 

So, if you are at checkout you will notice that Bluehost will offer this feature. This feature is automatically added on purpose to all accounts with the assumption that you want it. However, you should know that buying the Bluehost domain privacy protection is “100% optional” and not required to have a Bluehost hosting account.

The breakdown is only 0.99/month which is $12/year. You may say that 99 cents is not a lot of money. You are right. It’s not. But there are OTHER web hosting providers that give domain privacy cheaper or even FREE!

For example, I typically buy domains at Namecheap, but then host them with Bluehost or Siteground web hosting.

To try Siteground web hosting with 60% OFF, go here right now:!

To try Bluehost web hosting with 60% OFF, go here right now:!

If you buy domain privacy from Goddady it will cost you $9.99/year per domain. This is a $2 savings over Bluehost’s yearly rate mentioned above. This is still not a lot of money out of pocket. Although cheaper than Bluehost, I don’t like Godaddy at all and don’t really recommend them to use for creating websites.

Recently, I came across a web hosting competitor that will give you domain privacy for free that I’ll share shortly!

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It? 

Although Bluehost web hosting is an awesome place to get your website started online, you don’t technically have to buy this feature at checkout. So what can you do to ensure that you protect your domain name and information online? You can buy it from another trusted name registrar first. No worries, I will show you how shortly..

Where To Get Domain Privacy Protection for Free?

There are many other domain name registrars beyond Bluehost and Godaddy that offer domain privacy. I stumbled recently upon 2 good web hosting providers that offer it now for free when you get started.

First, Dreamhost gives a FREE domain along with domain privacy when an unlimited plan is purchased. Their web hosting plans are cheaper than Bluehost starting at only $2.59/month! Their plans even come with a 97 money back guarantee!

Just like Bluehost, When it comes to creating WordPress websites with high performance, Dreamhost web hosting comes highly recommended by

To find out more details on getting started today with Dreamhost, please go right here:!




Namecheap web hosting is another place that I have found online that gives FREE Domain Privacy (Whoisguard) to customers when purchasing your new domain.  If you use their Namecheap shared hosting Stellar plan, you can also put your website online for only $2.88!

You can find out more details by visiting here!

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever


Is Bluehost domain privacy worth it or not? I think that you know the answer to the question by now. Domain privacy is extremely important to have, but why pay for it if you don’t have to? If you get it through Namecheap, then you can also just get your web hosting there as well for $2.88/month.

Bluehost web hosting is an awesome provider for creating WordPress websites and I highly recommend using them today.

Dreamhost as mentioned above also offers this feature on their plans with the 97 day money back guarantee and is awesome for creating websites online for only $2.59/month. Go here to

I hope that this consideration has helped you to understand more about how Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection works. If you have any questions, you can leave them below.

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  1. No…. Bluehost privacy option is a joke! I paid for privacy and they lifted it without my consent! They said it was because of a customer complaint! I guess they are judge and jury as well. I would stay far away from their hosting services! Much better options out there!

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