Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic Worth It? No, But See Why In Bluehost Review 2021

So during my years online I have been able to create several sites using WordPress. A question that pops up when buying Bluehost web hosting is Codeguard Basic. If you are trying to create a Bluehost website, maybe you wonder is Bluehost Codeguard Basic worth it?

is bluehost codeguard worth it

If you are thinking of buying Bluehost web hosting or already have it, then it’s one of those things that you MUST decide on before you checkout. Is it really for you or not? Should you get Bluehost Codeguard Basic for all of your websites or are you just throwing away your money? Keep reading this review to know what you need to know before creating your website with Bluehost!

What Is CodeGuard Basic?

It’s possible that you may not even know what is CodeGuard Basic nor how it really benefits your website online. The truth is that I really didn’t know much about this feature as a newbie, but now it’s pretty clear!

Let me take a few moments to explain what it is and how it protects your website that you create online. Thereafter, you will fully understand is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic worth it or just a waste of your money.

Now CodeGuard Basic is simply a 3rd party tool that Bluehost uses to automatically backup your website. This will include providing a daily backup of all of your website’s content, images, files and data. Having a backup or duplicate is great in the event something happens with your website where it goes offline or is interrupted. How does CodeGuard Basic do this for you? Well it monitors 24/7/365 for any changes that occur on your website and creates copies of in the event it needs to be restored later.

Now, the good thing is that in the event your website is interrupted you can have your website’s content restored within the click of a button! With redundancy of your daily backups, they are easily accessible on a secure cloud platform.

The following video gives a brief overview of reasons to back up your websites. Thereafter, you will learn about the costs with Bluehost below.

How Much Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic?

So if you are at the point of buying your web hosting for Bluehost web hosting, you probably realize that this add-on is already checked. This is with the assumption that you want to have this feature included for your website. However, what you should know is that all of these features including Bluehost domain privacy protection are optional and not require to have your when signing up with Bluehost.

So the basic costs for having the Bluehost CodeGuard Basic pricing is $2.99/month which is roughly under $36/year. Now you might reason that paying an extra $36 bucks a year is not that much to tack on. The truth is you are right about this. You could very well add this feature, pay for it and be on your merry way. But the question still remains is Bluehost CodeGuard worth it or not?

Is Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Worth It?

In short, no it’s not worth getting it. However, the thing that you MUST understand is that EVERY website online NEEDS 24/7/365 security protection. This means that if your website is affected by spam, malware, cyber attacks, then you want to be able to restore your website to condition it was prior to interruption. This is why having you need to have some measures in place to automatically backup your files, images, content of your website.

So I must that although Bluehost CodeGuard Basic is a great service, I don’t that it’s really worth the money. But if you decide that you still want to tack it on, then there’s nothing wrong with that at all. This will mean that as long as your website is hosted on Bluehost servers, it will be automatically backed up for you.

Where To Get CodeGuard Basic or Backups for Free?

Thankfully, there are ways to save on this essential feature. In fact, you can actually get backups for your website 100% FREE! Really? Yes, that is right! You heard it right. There are ways to keep your protected online and get automatic backups for no charge. How?

If you are creating a website using WordPress, then you can install a WordPress Backup plugin.  How do you install backup plugins?

is bluehost codeguard basic worth it

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard [Example:]
  • Click on Plugins
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Type in “backup” in the keyword field to the right
  • You should a list of several great WordPress Backup Plugins

Now once you do this, you will then see a list of some very popular WordPress backup plugins to install that are great alternatives to Bluehost CodeGuard Basic. The are all 100% FREE use and will the job for you. What I recommend though is that install only 1 backup plugin for your website. More is not better. Just one plugin.

Bluehost CodeGuard Basic Alternatives

Obviously, there are several alternatives to CodeGuard Basic that are available to you in the WordPress depository. I have included a list of few popular ones that have have great ratings and have been installed thousands of times by users. If you have any questions about these you can drop them below or simply click on the WordPress backup links.

Web Hosting Providers With Automatic Backups for Websites

To finish this Bluehost CodeGuard Basic review I wanted to tell about a few web hosting providers thank actually do perform daily backups and monitoring for FREE. This means that you don’t have to pay an extra monthly fee nor install security plugins. This is a very important aspect of your website’s security that you want to make sure is in place.

bluehost codeguard basic

Rocket Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting alternative that is fully managed for websites. This means that they perform automatic daily updates of your websites, malware scanning, brute force protection, malware patching making it hands-off!

I also think Rocket Hosting has faster customer support, page loads and uptime performance.

To find out to get started today for only $1.00, click this special link here now!

Dreamhost is another web hosting provider that performs daily backups of your website, core and security also. Just like Bluehost, they come highly recommended by due to their great performance. Something different is that their WordPress hosting starts at only $2.59/month and they offer a 97 day money back guarantee! Again just another option if you are looking for a Bluehost CodeGuard Basic alternative that performs automatic updates.

bluehost codeguard basic

Siteground is another web hosting that provides daily updates and 24/7 monitoring of your website. This FREE service is included with ANY web hosting package that you select to build your website online. Siteground providers 30 copies of your website on your account.

Just like Bluehost, they have different plans that will allow you create multiple websites online for business. Siteground is known for its great WordPress performance, security, page loads and fast customer support.

To try Siteground web hosting with 60% OFF, go here right now:!


Is Bluehost Codeguard Basic worth it or not? I think that after reading this Bluehost review it is clear that you should not buy it at checkout. Perhaps you take that extra money and allocate to something else in your business.

Although CodeGuard Basic does offer some essentially benefits such 24/7 monitoring & automatic backups that every website needs, you learned of some FREE alternatives that will do the same.

I have creating websites online for several years and I am always looking for ways to help entrepreneurs to save an extra buck in their businesses.

I hope that this brief Bluehost review has helped you how the Bluehost CodeGuard Basic works and why it’s important to backup your website.

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