Is Hostinger Good for WordPress in 2021? Hostinger International Limited Review

If you guys are reading this Hostinger International Limited Review then you probably want to know is¬†Hostinger good for WordPress? If it’s really the best shared web hosting for beginners or not? Millions of people just like YOU ask these very questions and want to know the answers. I decided to buy Hostinger web hostting to create some WordPress websites. This Hostinger International Limited Review reveals what you MUST know BEFORE getting started today!

What To Expect In This Hosting International Limited Review?

Today I will answer not only is Hostinger good for WordPress in 2021, but also about who Hostinger International Limited is, how is their customer support, the costs and what you need to know before buying their web hosting. With this info you will know is Hostinger any good for you or not.

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. If used and a purchase is made, I may receive a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your Hostinger pricing at all, rather gives you HUGE discount on your web hosting. It also lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:)

Who Is Hostinger International Limited?

If you ask is Hostinger good for WordPress & don’t know too much about Hostinger International Limited, they are probably the cheapest web hosting provider online that you find to create websites online. Since 2004, Hostinger has been helping just like me and YOU to create websites and grow online projects.

Over the years they have developed an infrastructure that literally optimizes how easily you can manage your sites online. Over the past 4 years I have personally used Hostinger web hosting to create 12 other WordPress websites online. The good that I LOVE about Hostinger web hosting is that it’s completely ideal for beginners creating their first website online. In fact, although this website was created using Siteground, I got my first website started online with Hostinger.

Why? Hostinger is not only cheap, but also awesome for people who have little to no technical knowledge or experience with creating websites. However, if you are advanced or somewhat of a professional with web design, then you can just dive in and scale up as you need.

What Does Hostinger Web Hosting Costs?

There are 4 web hosting plans that you can use for creating websites online: Single, Premium, Business and Cloud Hosting.

The pricing starts at $0.99/month going up to $7.45/month.

Depending on your plans and hosting needs, you can create 1 or even unlimited websites online. If you are a beginner and just need to create 1 website online, then the Single Shared Hosting should be just right for you.

However, if you need to create multiple websites for different projects online, then you should look at either their Premium, Business or Cloud hosting plans. These plans offer more unlimited features such as bandwidth, email addresses, and FREE SSL certificates.

The https with SSL certificates are great especially for eCommerce stores being Google now requires them for additional security. They also help with your Google rankings and it’s great that you get these FREE with Hostinger web hosting today.

is hostinger good for wordpress




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Is Hostinger Good For WordPress Websites?

Yes it is!

Although Hostinger does offer other CMS platforms like Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, and Drupal, WordPress is the absolute best for creating websites. Over 35% of websites online use WordPress and you can easily install it today to create a blog or website. If you need help, let me know below in the comments and I will be glad to help you.

In addition to WordPress, you will have access to different website builders, themes, and templates to create your website and brand. Of all of the possible CMS platforms that can be used to create websites, I think that WordPress is the best being it is more user-friendly for beginners online and also ranks better in Google.

So Hostinger International Limited is an AWESOME web hosting provider for creating WordPress websites.

Things To Know Before Buying Hostinger Web Hosting

I love using Hostinger web hosting on my other websites that I have created online and for this reason I recommend them to you.

However, there are some things that you should know before buying Hostinger web hosting. Although Hostinger has AMAZING customer support with a high satisfaction rate of over 29 MILLION users, their support is only chat & email based.

I have been using them for 4 years and have NEVER had problems reaching support. They are super fast in my opinion, but this is something that you should know in this Hostinger International Limited review.

Is Hostinger Safe and Secure?

I mentioned earlier about the SSL certificates that Hostinger gives you to secure your websites. They also perform daily backups of your websites and continued protection.

Another thing that helps to keep your websites safe is Cloudflare. With Cloudflare integration, it not only promotes super fast page loads and performance, but also filters web traffic before delivering it to your website. I like to think of this process as washing your clothes to get all of the dirt out of them.

The fact is that some web traffic is bad and can even be intrusive such as malware. So Hostinger uses Cloudflare embedded to help protect and keep your websites safe with DDos protection.

Is Hostinger Fast?

Yes it is!

According to Google, a big factor that affects your SEO rankings is the speed of your website. If your website loads over 3 seconds, then your visitors from search engines will leave your website. In addition to the CDN with Cloudflare that Hostinger uses, they also have some great caching solutions. To achieve this, Litespeed Cache Plugins are automatically installed on your websites to create a lightning speeds.

Also all of Hostinger web hosting plans include SSD drives for extreme speeds. My websites that I have created online using Hostinger have an average page load of about 2 seconds!

Is Hostinger Good for Blogging?

If you want to start blogging online, then Hostinger International Limited is the absolute CHEAPEST place for beginners. I say this because their platform is really user-friendly and great for people who are creating their very 1st website online. They use cPanel which makes it super easy to install WordPress with 1-click and create WordPress blogs.

You can start creating a blog easily right now for just 99 cents per month! Once you start blogging online and create unique content for your audience, you will start to receive targeted web traffic to your blog. How do I know this? Well, I have created several WordPress blogs and websites online that get THOUSANDS of web traffic each and every month. Thousands of beginners just like YOU are looking for simple ways to create websites online without html or coding experience.

How do I get this web traffic?

Think about the way that you made it to this simple WordPress blog. You were searching online to see is Hostinger good for WordPress websites. Due to the great SEO and unique content, you are now reading my Hostinger review.

Again, you may be asking is Hostinger good for blogging? Yes it is! You are seeing proof of it now.

But the truth is that if you really want to be successful online and make money blogging you MUST learn SEO as a beginner. Once you learn SEO and how to market online, then you can rank HIGH in Google just like this WordPress blog does and make money online. So once you get started today with Hostinger web hosting, you will start reaping the benefits of blogging online.


Is Hostinger Good for eCommerce?

Yes it is! Hostinger web hosting is great for eCommerce stores if you want to sell products online. If you want to sell products online, you will need SSL certificates. As you learned earlier in this Hostinger International Limited Review you can get these FREE with Hostinger.

However, I recommend that you use either their Premium or Business Shared hosting plans for online stores. The reason is that you not only get FREE SSL certificates, but you will also have faster speeds, more unlimited resources  and better bandwidth for your web traffic.

So if you have a idea that you want to monetize, then Hostinger is a great fit for eCommerce stores and getting you online.

Uptime Performance

The next thing that I wanted to discuss regarding Hostinger International Limited is their uptime performance.

What is uptime? It is simply a percentage of how often a website is available online to viewers in the search engines. Hostinger web hosting is super reliable with an average of 99.9% uptime or better.

Getting a web hosting with great uptime is really key to making money online and promoting a great user experience for visitors. This is exactly what you will get today with Hostinger International Limited.

I mention uptime in this Hostinger International Limited review because the reality is that you MUST know as a beginner online is that if a website has lots of downtime, then this affects your rankings. Also, visitors from Google buying from your website online, they will go to your competitor’s website in the search results.

This is why in the past 4 years that I have been using Hostinger web hosting I HIGHLY recommend using them to their rock solid uptime performance.

Hostinger Refund Policy

Hostinger offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting. This means that if you are not happy with their web hosting services and would like to request a refund, you can contact customer support within this time.

Most web hosting providers in this industry offer similar refund policies.

Hostinger Competitors and Alternatives

Hostinger has over 29 million users that they host on their platform. They also have the absolute cheapest prices that you will find online starting at only $0.99/month. However, although there are many Hostinger alternatives that offer similar resources, they are slightly more expensive.


For example, Bluehost that host about 2 million websites online is a widely known WordPress hosting provider that comes recommended by They are also a good option due to their performance.

Bluehost has 4 web hosting plans that you can choose from to create websites online: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro.

The web hosting packages range from only $2.95/month$13.95/month. Which Bluehost web hosting plan is best to use for creating your website?

If you are a beginner online and need to create just 1 website, I highly recommend that you use the Basic hosting plan. However, if you need to create multiple or unlimited websites online, then you should look at the Plus, Choice Plus or Pro.

These 3 will provide you with more unlimited resources for your websites and even great for things like affiliate marketing. Bluehost also offers FREE Domain Privacy Protection with the Plus hosting plans which is great for blocking hackers, spam, unsolicited calls and emails. It privatizing info such as your name, phone number, email, address from the public domain which keeps it safe.

is hostinger good for wordpress

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Siteground, just like Bluehost is a web hosting provider that also comes highly recommended by due to great WordPress performance. The difference I think is that Siteground honestly has faster page loads and customer support than Bluehost.

Siteground offers 3 web hosting plans that can be used to create websites, blogs or eCommerce stores online: Startup, Growbig and GoGeek.

The web hosting normally range from $9.95/month$29.95/month. However, if you get started below right now, you can get up to a 60% Discount OFF!

This discount will allow you to get started for only $6.99/month for their Startup plan, $9.99/month for GrowBig & $14.99/month for their GoGeek!

is hostinger good for wordpress

Siteground web hosting also offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

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In this Hostinger International Limited review you learned not only is Hostinger good for WordPress, but also what they offer beginners to create websites online.

Also, you have learned about what some Hostinger alternatives and competitors offer that is different or unique. However, now is the time for you to decide and make a solid decision about which web hosting plan you will use today to create your website.

As you could see about, no web hosting beats Hostinger web hosting with costs. This is why recommend that you get started with them right now. As mentioned above there is the Single, Premium, Business and Cloud hosting plans to select from. I recommend that you think about which of these will best for you today.

Hostinger International Limited had been around for a very long time with very experienced 24/7 customer support to help along the way. I love using their web hosting services and I know that when you get started with them today you will love them too!

Get started right now and get up to 90% OFF your web hosting! This is an awesome deal that will NOT last for long! And remember that Hostinger offers a 30 money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Get started creating your WordPress blog right now!

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