Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2021- Any Good? Surprising Facts!

I decided to do this Dreamhost WordPress hosting review 2021 for your benefit. You need to create a website, but know is Dreamhost any good or not? To answer this question I decided to signup with them to test out their WordPress hosting services. This review will review today will share my findings and what I really think about their services. You better read this before buying Dreamhost! If you don’t, then you might throw up later!

What To Expect In My Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2021

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

Millions of new entrepreneurs each month start new businesses from home. Others open up store fronts. Which is your case? On any note, you are here because you want to create a website online for your business.

To help you make a good decision today, I think there are a few areas that matter most when selecting a web hosting provider. Today, I will focus primarily on Dreamhost pricing, customer support, uptime performance on servers and security.

By considering each one of these areas they will help you to know exactly what to expect before getting starting with Dreamhost web hosting. There are THOUSANDS of web hosting providers online, however this review will show they are unique from others.

Who Is Dreamhost?

You may not know much about Dreamhost, but they have providing shared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated and Cloud hosting since 1997. Although housed in California, USA, they have built a large global community of nearly 2 million clients. Something that they sets them apart from the masses are their super affordable hosting for beginners.

I mentioned early that there are THOUSANDS of web hosting providers all over the world. However, there are only 3 hosts globally that are backed by WordPress.org.

Dreamhost is very involved in the WordPress discussions along with 2 other providers Siteground and Bluehost. I will talk more about these later in this Dreamhost WordPress hosting review.

Despite their many competitors in the same playing field, they have always stood out for very cheap prices. This has made a lot easier for beginners and newbies to start blogging, host apps and even build eCommerce stores.

Which Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Plan Should You Choose?  

As mentioned before Dreamhost offers a wide range of web hosting products to create websites online. However, to keep this review simple and easy to digest I will focus on their 3 most popular hosting plans: Shared web hosting, DreamPress and VPS hosting.

The pricing below reflects a 3 year term of web hosting purchased.

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

Which type of web hosting will be best for your needs? If you are a beginner online and have NEVER created a website, then you should use their shared web hosting plans. Why shared? Because it’s the cheapest for beginners and also you don’t have any web traffic yet. Once you publish more content on your website and traffic grows, then you can upgrade to DreamPress or a VPS hosting plan.

With their shared web hosting, you can choose from their Shared Starter or Shared Unlimited packages. If you only need to create 1 site today, then use their Starter plan. It’s only $2.59/month.

However, if you will need to create several websites over time, then the Unlimited is better. The Unlimited is only $3.95/month. You don’t have to worry about web traffic. Their platform is 100% secure and faster with Solid-State Drives.

I got started with their Shared Unlimited being I love being able to create multiple websites online. This is really great for things like affiliate marketing, network marketing and any project online requiring unlimited resources.

Most .com domain names at Godaddy costs about $15 – $20 per year, but you will get it FREE at Dreamhost.


Now if you are someone who already has a lots of web traffic and would like to migrate your website, then try DreamPress. When I say higher volumes of web traffic, I mean websites that receive well over 100,000 visitors/month. This is basically their Managed hosting platform which is a step up from the shared hosting.

There are 3 plans to select from which offer their unique benefits and perks. The pricing below is based on if you are paying month to month.

DreamPress – the first tier starts at only $12.00/month and is on sale. It handles up to 100,000 monthly visitors with unmetered bandwidth and 30 GB SSD Storage.

DreamPress Plus – the second tier is only $24.00/month and is on sale. It handles up to 300,000 monthly visitors with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited high speed Content Delivery Network and 60 GB SSD Storage.

DreamPress Pro – the third plan is really for WordPress websites that demand extreme performance. It normally runs about $79.95/month. If you have a website that is getting 1 million or more monthly visitors, then this will best suit your needs. It comes with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited high speed CDN and 120 GB SSD Storage.

When you have a website that receives hundreds of thousands or even millions visitors, then you need CDN in place. These will prevent your website from crashing when your website experiences spike in web traffic. This will help to maintain strong uptime performance and higher SEO rankings.


Site Migrations

Are you currently hosting with another provider and want to move your site? If so, then Dreamhost with migrate your for FREE! They have a Free Automated WordPress Migrations plugin that makes the process of migrating websites effortless. It does matter if you have done this before or not, Dreamhost will do all of the heavy lifting to move your site to their servers.

The great thing is that with the site migration there is no downtime at all. This is a great reassurance that your visitors can still reach your website while transferring to their servers.

Another awesome thing is that all of the plans come with a WP Website Builder that a step-by-step wizard to create your website. You will also have access free professional templates and a drag and drop editor. You can build your website using their builder if you like. However, if you’re a developer, then you can built it yourself with tons of resources.

Dreamhost VPS Hosting

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

So if you want to have your very own private virtual server, then you should check out their Dreamhost VPS hosting. Pricing starts at only $10.00/month going up to $80.00/month.

When I compare these prices with Dreamhost competitors, Dreamhost gives you more of a bargain for your money. They also let you create unlimited websites across the board.

For example, with their VPS Basic that starts at only $10/month comes with 1GB of RAM & 30 GB SSD Storage. It allows you to create unlimited websites online. Most competitors only let you to create 1 website on first tier. I think that this plan is ideally for new small websites online. It also has unmetered bandwidth, on demand backups, unlimited web traffic and unlimited email.

VPS Business

This plan starts at only $20/month and gives you 2 GB RAM and 60 GB SSD Storage. This also supports unlimited web traffic, websites and unlimited email accounts.

VPS Professional

This plan is $40/month and will provide you with 120 GB SSD Storage and 4 GB RAM. Again you will be able to create unlimited email accounts and support unlimited web traffic on your site.

VPS Enterprise

With this 4th tier you will get 8 GB of RAM with 240 GB SSD SSD Storage. This plan starts at only $80/month.

Again, across the board you will have CDN and support for Apache and Nginx which will handle all of your web traffic.


How Does Dreamhost Protect Websites Online?  

You can have a pretty website online, but if it’s not protected 24/7/365, then it could be hacked. This kinda happens unfortunately with thousands of websites online that are not protected.

So with this said, what does Dreamhost do to protect your websites online? Well, out of the gate they will install a SSL certificate on your website after installing WordPress on your domain. And speaking of domain names, you get one for FREE.

Why do you need a SSL? For starters, you should know that it is a Google ranking signal. A study that analyzed 1 million search results recognized that https correlated to higher SEO rankings on Google first page.

Also, websites that don’t have the https will be marked unsecure by Chrome which discourages visitors. SSL certificates will encrypt a user’s browsers especially if they are using a debit/credit card on your website. This will protect their data transferred between browsers.

Dreamhost performs automatic backups and scans of your websites online. This is important especially if you have plugins, php or software that are out of date or need to be updated. Studies show that there are several consequences of not updating your WordPress website.

Also you will free domain privacy protection. This is great to block unsolicited spam or sales related emails or calls. It protects your data on the whois directory for websites online.

What Is Dreamhost Money Back Guarantee? 

Most web hosting providers online typically give their clients a 30 day money back. This is the industry standard that you will see online. However, Dreamhost takes it a bit further by giving you a 97 day money back guarantee on their web hosting.

I like that Dreamhost does this it means that they are super confident that you will pleased with once you get started today.

They have really awesome customer support so if for some odd ball reason you feel that they are not for you, just contact them for a refund. They are really easy to deal with in comparison to other web hosting providers. It’s hassle free.

Does Dreamhost Have Good Uptime Performance? 

Before I got started with my Dreamhost account, I new ahead that most web hosting providers online in the industry average 99.9% uptime performance. To put this into perspective for you this means that a web host’s servers experience downtime:

  • 1 minute 26 secs of downtime daily
  • 10 minutes 4 secs weekly
  • 43 minutes, 49 secs monthly

This is more or less the breakdown depend on the web hosting provider you use online. But you should know what Google thinks about uptime and load speeds. Downtime is not good for your online business. Why?

The higher the downtime your website experiences, the more potential loss of income or sales you will have. Also, Google may penalize your website in search results which means essentially less organic web traffic.

However, higher the uptime performance, the more exposure your business has online and thus more sales.

Now please realize that a 99.9% of uptime performance is not terribly bad, but could be a lot better. It’s average, but I think that you need to have the most reliable web hosting provider that your money can buy. Would you like to use a web host that is above average? This is why I HIGHLY recommend building your websites, blogs, or eCommerce stores with Dreamhost WordPress hosting. Why?

As you will see the graph below, Dreamhost surpasses their competition with a 100% uptime performance online! This is absolutely AMAZING and means that your visitors will always find you online in search engines.

dreamhost wordpress hosting review

I mentioned this point in my Dreamhost WordPress hosting review because no business wants to lose potential customers or sales online, right? The reality is that the uptime performance of a web hosting provider tells you how reliable or dependable it is online. This means that it literally be the bloodline of your business and could make or break it.

Thankfully, during the time that I have been using Dreamhost online I have never had any issues with my sites being online. I get tons of web traffic to my sites online and Google loves them as well. Why do I say?

Think about how you made it to this website today. You wanted to create a website and wanted to know is Dreamhost any good? This plus other questions led you to search for a good Dreamhost WordPress hosting review.

I put together this post and being that this website has rock solid uptime performance, you found it. Do you understand what I am saying? I hope so. If not, ask any questions below and I will glad to answer your questions.

What You Will Love Most About Dreamhost WordPress Hosting? 

  • 100% uptime guarantee [Dreamhost will compensate client or give 1 day of credit for each hour of downtime or service interruption] No other web hosting provider offers anything close to this which makes them super unique.
  • Recommended by WordPress.org due to high WordPress performance on servers
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation[Dreamhost will do it for you]
  • Deluxe Toolkit and other CMS platforms to build websites, blogs or eCommerce stores
  • A Rating with BBB
  • FREE Domain
  • Free Domain Privacy Protection
  • Quick 27/7 customer support
  • Promotes Green Hosting

Things You Might Not Be Too Crazy About

The only con about Dreamhost is that they do not have phone support. They only offer email and chat support, but reps are very fast responding to tickets which is a plus! Many web hosts today don’t have phone support which is not such a big deal. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Other than that, I think that they will be an AMAZING fit your web hosting needs online.

Should You Buy Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Today? 

Absolutely! However, let me tell you that the purpose of this Dreamhost WordPress hosting review 2021 is not to CONVINCE or SELL you on their services. You are a adult and can completely decide for yourself. I got started with Dreamhost some time ago and haven’t looked back. Nearly 2 million around the world are using their web hosting services right now to host their websites and apps. You could too if you make the right decision.

There are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of web hosting providers that will take your money and put you online. But not ALL of them really care about you, nor have the best customer support, security or uptime performance. Thankfully, Dreamhost has all of this under one roof and has doing something since 1997!

Consider also some Dreamhost reviews on Trustpilot. There you will notice that Dreamhost has 4.8 star rating out of 5 stars. This is awesome in comparison with some of their competitors owned by EIG.

Alternatives to Dreamhost

Although I really love using Dreamhost to build WordPress blogs and websites online, I want to give you some alternatives to consider. This way you will see that this Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2021 is unbiased and different from other Dreamhost reviews online.

You see the deal is that I am not here to SELL or CONVINCE of anything. My ultimate goal is to help newbies like you to create websites online with the best web hosting provider for your needs. I have created several websites online so I know that it can be hard to make a decision especially if you have never done this before.

The following Dreamhost alternatives are ranged from low to high in pricing. They all provider WordPress hosting and have great customer support, security, and rock solid uptime performance on servers.

To learn more about any of these, simply follow the links provided.

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review 2021 Conclusion

Dreamhost web hosting is very cheap and ideal for both newbies and experienced business owners online. There is something for everyone under their hood as you could see in this review today.

If you are a beginner creating your very first website today, then you can use their Shared Starter hosting plan. As your web traffic grows and your needs for additional resources changes, you can upgrade to Unlimited, VPS or even DreamPress. It’s all up to you. The idea is to start somewhere to get your business online today.

There were few main areas that we focused on today: pricing, customer support, uptime performance and security. I think that Dreamhost does an amazing overall with keeping the cost down starting at only $2.59/month. This makes it really easy for beginners to get online with having to spend hundreds of dollars on developers. And remember that there is a 97 day money back guarantee!

They will actually take you step-by-step through the process of creating your website. It doesn’t require that you have any experience with coding or html. If you have questions at all you can reach out to customer support or even contact us.

Let me ask you a question or two…

Which Dreamhost web hosting plan will you create your website on today? On a Shared, DreamPress or VPS hosting plan? Also, have you used another web hosting provider in the past? If so, what was your experience? Feel free to drop your comments and thoughts below.

I invite you to get started today! There is only one thing holding you back and that’s YOU! I hope you much success in your endeavors online this year!



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