Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting Review 2021: Is It Worth It or Not? Yes In My Opinion! See Why

If you are reading this Bluehost shared WordPress hosting review 2021, then you’re probably asking is Bluehost the best shared WordPress hosting to create websites? This is a great question. Why? Having a reliable web hosting provider is KEY for your online success. So with that said, is Bluehost shared hosting the best shared hosting to create websites, blogs and eCommerces stores? To learn some thinks that surprised me, keep reading this review to see what you must know FIRST! If you don’t read this, you might SMACK yourself later!

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The Facts About Shared Hosting

The reality about using shared hosting is that it is very cheap for beginners on a low budget. Two, you should also know that you will be sharing a server with several other users. But even so, when it comes to web traffic most shared hosting providers can handle up to 5,000 to 10,000 per day. This is great to know especially as your business and web traffic grows over time. So using shared hosting is not such a bad idea, but you must select the RIGHT web hosting provider to host your website online. That is why you should get Bluehost shared hosting to create your website today if on a tight budget! But hold on there buddy!

Why? Let’s face the facts. As an entrepreneur you should know that you have plenty of options on the table when it comes to selecting the right web hosting services.

[Over 330,000 as of November 2018 per].

Also recognizing this fact should empower you to select only the BEST of the BEST and REJECT the rest.

I love Bluehost web hosting services, but I have also used Siteground web hosting to 12 create websites online including this blog For more details on using Siteground, go here to

So why should you even consider Bluehost shared hosting? What makes Bluehost stand out from the rest? Keep reading this Bluehost shared hosting review..

bluehost shared wordpress hosting review

You should know that Bluehost has been around since 2003 and currently host over 2 million domains! That’s a lot to server on its platform. They have a dedicated customer service team of over 750 to serve users 24/7/365. I personally like their chat and email system as they respond pretty fast.

Also, Bluehost has been recognized by as being of the top 3 web hosting to create website today due to great WordPress performance. When it comes to Bluehost shared hosting, there are 4 simple plans to select from: The Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro hosting plans as you can see below in the graph.

bluehost shared wordpress hosting review

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Which Of The Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting Packages Is Best For You? 

The answer really depends on what you will need to create your blog or website online. For example, ask yourself…

  • How many websites do I need to create online? One or multiple websites?
  • How many resources do I need to create my website online?
  • Are you creating your website for a small project that is temporary, it this for the long-term?

I have been online for a very long time and these are just a few questions that I recommend that you consider first. By doing so, you will not buy more than you need and thus can focus your time and energies back to your online business. Think of web hosting like groceries at a supermarket. You are here to shopping to buy online what you need at Bluehost.

I mention this because in addition to the Bluehost shared web hosting, there is also WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting which is designed for websites with higher volumes of web traffic. However, as a beginner online you likely do not have any web traffic yet, but this will change over time. So I recommend that you start with their shared web hosting above in the beginning

I say this because as you start to create awesome content online, you will naturally get targeted web traffic to your blog or website online. And your website traffic explodes and also your sales, you may have need for additional resources. So it is for this reason that I honestly tell you upfront that with ANY webs hosting you should ONLY buy what you need. This way when the need arrives, then you can easily scale up over time with Bluehost.

The Basic which will allow you to create 1 website online your Bluehost account. I think that this plan is great for you as a beginner to start out. It comes with unlimited bandwidth, FREE SSL certificates, CDN, 50 GB SSD Storage. It ‘s great for small blogs and websites.

However, when you jump into the Plus hosting plans, things get interesting. As you graduate you will be able to create multiple websites online under your Bluehost account. This is great especially if you would like to add on domains to expand your online business for thinks like affiliate marketing, network marketing, web development and more!

These next 3 tiers of Plus, Choice Plus and Pro basically will allow you to have unlimited web hosting and resources.

One of the big differences is that you can get Domain Privacy Protection for to protect your website along with some additional benefits of daily backups, Codeguard, SpamGuard Expert to block spam and hackers along with faster server performance.

How To Create A WordPress Website

Do you want to learn how to create a simple website using Bluehost shared WordPress hosting plan? There is a really nice Youtube tutorial online that shows you how step-by-step. Watch the video and if you have any questions, please leave them below.

Other Benefits of Using Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting

Another benefit that I wanted to mention in this Bluehost shared WordPress hosting review is that when you get started today, you will receive several marketing tools. One in particular are the PPC marketing ad credits with Google Ads and Bing that you can use for advertising your website(s) online.

The awesome thing about these credits that you will be able to jumpstart your online business with targeted web traffic from these search engines. I thing it’s a really great way to start sharing and selling your products and services fast on the internet especially to people who searching for you.

As a beginner online Bluehost will even install WordPress, themes, and plugins on your website. They will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your website. There is no need to have any experience with html or coding. This means that beginners have no need for technical skills.

Of all of the web hosting providers that I have used, Bluehost is the only web hosting provider that gives clients these marketing credits. I think that they will be a HUGE boost to your business and for this reason I wanted to mentioned them in them in this Bluehost shared WordPress hosting review. This way you can appreciate some many unique things that Bluehost offers over its competitors.

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Bluehost Uptime

Let’s talk about reliability and how Bluehost web hosting servers pan out. Right they maintain an industry standard of 99.9% which is really good. I mention this because it’s super duper important for your success online. Why? Let me give you a quick example that you will quickly understand.

Today you performed a search looking for info on getting started with Bluehost web hosting, With your due diligence you searched perhaps to find a Bluehost web hosting review or wanted to know is Bluehost the best shared hosting? Being you are on tight budget, you want to find the best solution. Where are you now? On my website, right? But why? Because my website it online and up and running.

You see if my website was down, then you wouldn’t be here, right? Right. The same is true for your web hosting. If your people are searching for you in Google and the search engines and your website is DOWN, then it means you are loaing money. Whereas if your website is up and running, this means that you have great uptime performance and your website is making money online. Do you get why it’s so important to have a reliable web hosting provider such as Bluehost?

This is something that I have tested and moves me to recommend them to you to create your website today.

Bluehost Refund Policy

Bluehost has a pretty straight-forward 30 day money back guarantee. This refund policy is quite standard in the web hosting industry. Their customer support is great and really nice. I am currently using their Plus hosting for another website that I have online and I love their service as well.

So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer support via phone, chat or even email. Their customer support is really fast and I like that.

If you feel that something is not right and you would like a refund, just contact customer support within this 30 day time frame.

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The Difference Between Bluehost Shared Hosting vs SiteGround Shared Hosting

Just to help to see more value in this Bluehost shared hosting review, I wanted to give you a comparison of my 2 favorite hosts.

Although Bluehost is an awesome web hosting provider to use for creating your websites online today, they are owned by company called Endurance International Group.

EIG owns Bluehost as well as 80+ sister companies. That’s not bad, but just means that they come from a big company with lots of experience that has been around for a long time.

However, SiteGround is a privately held European based company that stands alone. They too have been around for some 20+ years online in the web hosting realm.

The pricing of Siteground shared hosting is very similar to Bluehost shared hosting and starts at only $6.99 for Startup web hosting! Yes you read that right. You can get the Siteground Startup hosting plan here.

bluehost shared wordpress hosting review

They offer Free site transfers and Free SSL certificates!

Siteground Uptime Performance

SiteGround stands alone and doesn’t over load their web servers. This I can see has contributed to a better uptime of 99.99% and performance for this website and others that I also host with them.

Page speed is very important for Google and other search engines. My 12 websites online created by Siteground all have average page loads of 1 second. This is something that I really love about Siteground.

By stating this in my Bluehost shared WordPress hosting review, I don’t want you to think that Bluehost shared hosting isn’t all that and a bag of chips. It is 100% reliable and great for hosting. I am simply just expressing my personal opinion of preference and why. But as a beginner online, if you care MORE about cheaper prices, then Bluehost will better for you. However, if you care MORE about speed and user experience, then go with Siteground.

When you visit the official Bluehost page here, you will notice that they offer web hosting that are cheaper then SiteGround. They also give a 30 money back guarantee on hosting and offer cPanel and similar website building tools for users.

The main differences guys that you will notice is that Bluehost shared  hosting gives you more unlimited/unmetered feature across the board, whereas Siteground has some restrictions with gigabits and web traffic handled by each hosting plan. This website is currently using the Siteground Growbig plan in case you are wondering.

SiteGround shared hosting plans are similar in pricing to Bluehost as you can clearly see above with graphs. They also have awesome uptime for servers.

In case you don’t know what “uptime” means, it simply represents how much time your website visible online to users versus down.

Although Bluehost shared hosting is good, for me uptime matters more and should also to you. Although both host are recommended by, Bluehost doesn’t offer free site transfers. You must pay $149.99 for site migration from your current host to Bluehost, but this is not the case for Siteground. It’s FREE!

The truth is that when you searched online looking for a  “Bluehost shared hosting review“, you made it here for a reason. One, because this as exactly what you are looking for. Although this is a brief review, Google loves and indexes this content because it’s very helpful to my viewers like YOU. Today you have learned not only about what O love about Bluehost shared hosting packages offer, but also other things that you know.

Another reason that you are here enjoying this awesome Bluehost shared hosting review is because my website has AWESOME uptime online. Sites that don’t have good uptime all the time don’t get much love from Google and the search engines. Also, websites that don’t have bad uptime don’t make money. I mentioned this because you obviously want people to find you online, right?

Bluehost Shared WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion..

In closing, Bluehost shared hosting is a great choice to try for beginners if you want to save money and want more unlimited web building features across the board. However, if you care more about website speeds, security and money is not so important, then you should go with SiteGround shared hosting to create your website. If you just need to create 1 website today, then use their Startup plan. However, you are an affiliate marketing or network marketing, then I recommend using their Growbig or Gogeek as these will allow you to create unlimited websites for your online business.

To find out more details on the SiteGround shared hosting plans, visit here:

To get started with Bluehost shared hosting, visit here: 

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

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